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Feathers & Flesh CD + Audiobook [PREORDER]


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2CD jewel case of Feathers & Flesh including additional audiobook tracks by Johannes Eckerström. Illustrations by Henrik Krantz.

This product is a PREORDER and its estimated ship date is June 2nd.

1. An Ancient Old Tale
2. Regret
3. Each Feather A Blade
4. House Of Eternal Hunt
5. Wild, Hungry Eyes
6. The Eagle Has Landed
7. Feed
8. New Land
9. Stars Among Leaves
10. Tooth, Beak & Claw
11. Just A Few More
12. For The Swarm
13. To Deaf Ears
14. Fiddler’s Farewell

1. Wickedly They Play
2. One More Hill
3. In The Deep
4. Black Waters
5. Cutting Skies From Her Eye
6. Night Never Ending
7. A Very Old Song
8. Pray The Sun Away
9. Eat Or Be Eaten
10. When The Snow Lies Red
11. Far Too Much Pain
12. Raven Wine
13. …And the Death Of A Bird
14. Sky Burial
15. You'll Continue To Suffer

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